Products & Services

Decades of consistent performance in animal health, productivity and food chain safety


Elanco is committed to working with farmers, veterinarians, and producers to improve their business and the health and wellbeing of their cattle.


Customers who use our poultry products know our commitment to ensuring optimal respiratory and intestinal health for efficient, uniform growth. We aim to deliver value throughout the food chain by helping ensure Intestinal Integrity, helping poultry producers raise uniform flocks.


Elanco Swine takes a holistic approach to disease management and herd health. We want you to get the best results from your main input, feed, in order to maximize your output and enable you to market your pigs at the right weight and at the right time.


We are committed to helping veterinarians better care for the pets and service animals we love. We understand the unique and loving bond you share with your pet--and we want to help your pet live a longer, healthier life. Elanco partners with pet owners and veterinarians to provide a consistent flow of innovative and effective products and knowledge services. Our research and development focuses on products that prevent and treat disease, improve and extend quality of life, and improve the type of care that pets receive.


Elanco's Aqua team has one purpose: to help fish farmers around the world improve the health and quality of their stocks. We work to ensure that every fish, wherever it is raised, faces fewer barriers to healthy growth.

Elanco products and services enrich lives in fundamental ways.

  • Antibacterials, anticoccidials, parasiticides and other medications help to ensure animal health and consistent performance for a safe, abundant supply of meat, milk and eggs.
  • Dermatology, parasitology, equine, surgery and speciality products contribute to the comfort and well-being of companion animals. Elanco strives to offer first-in-class and/or best-in-class products for veterinarians and pet owners, addressing previously unmet needs in companion animal care.

Elanco products have earned the trust of farmers, veterinarians, food producers, processors and consumers through decades of consistent performance. These products and services uphold Elanco’s mission of making life sciences work better for people by transforming protein production and companion animal care.