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  • Elanco announces an agreement to acquire Novartis Animal Health, creating a global leader in animal health innovation and customer value. The $5.4 billion deal creates world’s second-largest animal health company.

  • Elanco announces an agreement to acquire Lohmann Animal Health, a privately-held company headquartered in Cuxhaven, Germany. The acquisition will establish Elanco as a global poultry leader, extending our presence into layers and expanding our growing vaccine presence.

    • Innovation, Choice and Trade - the Three Pillars for Ensuring a Food Secure World before 2050

    • The report, written by Elanco President Jeff Simmons, advocates for farmer access to innovative tools in order to feed a growing global population and save natural resources.

    • Elanco conducted the second edition (2013) of the International Consumer Attitudes Study to determine the key issues for consumers when buying food. Based on two key criteria – 1) unaided questions and 2) consumer spending data, the research includes 34 studies from 26 countries accounting for more than 100,000 consumers.  

    • For more information, visit  Join @JeffSimmons2050 and @Elanco for more discussion on Twitter with #FeedThe9.  The website calls for advocates to join The Enough Movement and provides resources for campaigners to help make their voices heard in the fight for a food secure tomorrow.

  • Elanco announced that it has completed the acquisition of Novartis Animal Health, which will further position Lilly’s Elanco as a global leader in the animal health industry.

  • With an estimated 60% increase in global demand for high quality protein such as milk, meat and eggs by 2050, the question about Europe’s role in helping address that demand cannot remain unanswered. The challenge is multifaceted: we must produce quantities of livestock food products through systems that are resource-efficient, climate-friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable for both European farmers and consumers.

  • At the end of the consultation period started on 21 October, 2015 and after careful examination of all formal proposals, Elanco announced it will move forward with its proposal to transition a set of core capabilities to Elanco’s regional headquarters in Basel, and its facilities in St. Aubin will be closed. In total, 27 employees will be offered the opportunity to transfer to new laboratories in Basel. In addition, at least five new positions will be created in Basel and offered to qualified employees from St. Aubin on a priority basis. For all other employees, the company has developed a robust social plan. As of today, Elanco has identified appropriate locations for a vast majority of the animals which are affected by the closure of the site in St. Aubin, including adoption by employee pet owners.

  • A new survey commissioned by Elanco’s ENOUGH Movement and conducted by SWG on 2,000 people across Italy, Germany, France and UK, shows that – based on their own general perception on food habits and behaviours as well as of their countrymen – about 50% of the interviewees say they cannot follow a sufficiently varied nutritional diet. In particular, fish, beef and pork are among foods often absent from people’s diet.

  • Elanco, the leading animal health and science-based innovation company today announced the launch of its second European, South Africa, Russia and Turkey-wide photography competition – this year focusing on the human-pet bond.

  • Elanco Animal Health, a division of Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY), announces the opening of a state-of-the-art Vaccines Innovation Center whose intentional design will enable scientists to address some of animal health’s most pressing issues.  Half of the 48,000 sq. foot space comprises an open concept collaboration environment intentionally designed to encourage scientific interaction. The remaining floor area houses an integrated laboratory space equipped with the very latest technology in the fields of immunology, molecular biology and microbiology.

  • Elanco360° - produced and curated by Elanco Animal Health in Europe – features contributions from across the continent and promises ‘new perspectives on the animal health agenda’, with content on food sustainability, animal welfare and the bond between people and their pets.  Elanco’s vice-president for Europe, Middle East and Africa Ramiro Cabral said the new blog will be a unique opportunity to share and shape thought and ideas across the animal health community.

  • Elanco, the leading animal health and science-based innovation company today announced the winner of its human-pet bond photography competition. As part of Elanco’s commitment to help pets live longer, healthier and higher-quality lives, the winning images are being displayed at a special exhibition at its EMEA headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

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Elanco360° - produced and curated by Elanco Animal Health – features thought, opinion and news on animal health across Europe.

As well as contributions from Elanco colleagues on food sustainability, animal welfare and the human-animal bond, we’re inviting contributions from across the animal health community and the wider food and environmental sectors.

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