Giving Back

We work to empower our customers to address the global challenges brought on by the increasing importance of animals in our lives. That’s why, together with our customers, we are committed to raising awareness about global food security, to celebrating and supporting the human-animal bond, and to volunteering our time and resources in our local communities.

Raising Awareness of Global Food Security

With the global population expected to reach more than 9 billion people by 2050, experts anticipate that the world will need to produce 70 percent more food to meet this growing demand. And, not only will the growing population demand more food; it will demand better, higher quality food—including meat, fish, milk and eggs—as 3 billion people enter the middle class.

Our world will need to produce more food using fewer resources. And in order for that to happen, we must support farmers as food producers as they make sustainable choices that are right for their business. We should empower consumers to make the healthy food choices that are right for them. We must supply the high-quality and nutritious food that will nourish our children and lead to better health and development. And we must foster the kind of international infrastructure to ensure that food reaches the people who need it, wherever they are.

Today, we are working to:

  • End hunger and improve food security for 100 communities by 2020, including partnering with charities that tackle food waste and food poverty through FareShare in the UK.

  • Bring 100,000 families out of hunger in the coming years through a partnership with Heifer International projects in Asia and Africa.

  • Raise awareness about the growing challenge of food security and partner with others to develop solutions through the ENOUGH Movement, a global community working together to ensure everyone has access to nutritious, affordable food--today and in the future.

Supporting Veterinarians and Celebrating the Human-Animal Bond

Pets play an important role in our lives. They bring us joy, teach us responsibility and serve as dedicated companions. Elanco’s solutions allow veterinarians to help pets live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives. Elanco supports Canine Assistants, a non-profit organization that trains and provides service dogs, as well as similar organizations around the world. Together, we are enabling people in need to achieve greater independence, confidence and overall happiness.

Supporting Global Environmental Sustainability

What’s good for the environment is good for consumers, farmers, and animals. And, as our world rises to the challenge of feeding a population of more than 9 billion people by 2050, we’ll need to produce more food while using fewer resources. We believe technology and innovative production practices can improve the efficiency of food production—resulting in more nutrients for people without increasing the use of land, feed, and other resources. For example, implementing innovative practices in dairy production could save over 1.6 million square kilometers of farmland and 2.34 million cubic kilometers of water per year, while still providing enough milk to meet the daily requirements of our global population. The same is true in egg production: helping hens produce just one more egg per day would enable us to save 102 million metric tonnes of feed, 282 billion liters of water and 26.3 million hectares of land1. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in harmony. It's our shared responsibility to make the most of the resources we have and preserve a cleaner world and brighter future for the next generation.


Each year, Elanco employees dedicate a full day to volunteering in our communities, called the Global Day of Service. It's one of the largest single-day corporate volunteer programs in the world. Thousands of employees join local partners and community groups to support a wide variety of initiatives. Whether beautifying city streets, collecting food, building homes for families in need, or caring for animals at local shelters, we take pride in giving back to our neighbors. Employees are also provided with a half-day per quarter of paid time off to serve their communities in a cause that aligns to their personal interests.

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